Finally I learned to paint

2017-08-17 00:55:41 by SergeiBSG

Hello Newgrounds, this time I'm writing for give news that make me very happy: I learned to paint

After receive many bullying to my art since 2014, I was thinking in surrend me and ask to other people for draw my characters while I dedicate to my animations. But in 2016 I decided to participate in a painting contest here in Newgrounds and lose was very shocking for me, I didn't want to believe that I was so bad for paint, and I said to my self that it would must exist a way for paint good. So I decided study, I didn't have money in that moment so I asked help to my mother for study with payed tutorials.

I started painting with Sakimichan's technique. It isn't a easy technique because the midtone of the skin is a high hue of color, so you must do the "real" midtone with shadows, it's easy fail and have to correct using the power of the software. So it's a technique that depends so much from use blend modes and constant corrections, it was not practical for me that I prefer paint puting the correct colors in correct places, like in an oil painting, I'm obsessed with the idea of the collapse of the civilization and a global internet blackout that force me to paint in oil or watercolors for living.

Year 2016, my practice seeing a Sakimi's tutorial:


Then this year, a couple months ago, I read an article titulated something like "the 10 free tutorials that you must see" more or less, there I found an awesome tutorial that blew my mind, by Charlie Bowater:

That tutorial taught the volumes of a human face so far better. But my only problem with it was the technique is beggining with a very dark midtone for give lights using blend modes, the same problem of the previous one but instead a light tone here it was a dark one.

My practice after see Charlie's tutorial:


So I was weeks and weeks analizing photos and color palettes for discover the secret of the skin tones. Finally I discovered that the secret is all about color temperature, if you will go to paint putting the "first light" (the concept of the medieval's painters for the ambient light, the second light is the concept for the highlights) using a warmer color then you must use a very very very warm color for the first light, keeping the color with a correct saturation for apply after the highlights. You can paint pretty stuff in that way, but the real secret of the skin tone isn't paint in that way where you are assuming that the lights are more warm and the shadows more cold, if you analyze photos of real people, the first light is more cold and the second light is a bit more warm but leaning towards the white, that explains why people with a very dark skin their highlights looks in a grey color, the first light on them keeps certain balance of saturation and desaturation, but the second light points directly to the white, desaturating the color and giving that grey light that people with dark skin have. The same rule can be applied to a person with white skin, with very pretty results.

This is an image that I do appliying the secret, I used other artist palette and that palette had a second light with not much white, giving a weird aspect to the image, besides that I applied color temperature in a normal layer instead a Overlay layer and that ate some highlights, but it works anyway, I'm very happy with it:


Thanks for read!


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