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Drawing vlog-tutorial maybe??

2017-03-29 05:32:54 by SergeiBSG

Today I was thinking in maybe do drawing (it could be on color too D:) vlog-tutorials for my youtube channel. If you are reading this and you are interested, give me ideas of what I can explain. Also you can suggest me a character for draw, one of my OCs, a popular character (hopefully female ^^ xD), a fantastic creature or an animal (actual or prehistoric).

I had been studying a lot during the last time. Maybe I can share some of the things that I learned in these tutorial vlogs :)

I was thinking in a 12 chapters season.

Well, that's all :) Good Luck!



2017-02-07 04:08:56 by SergeiBSG

Hello Newgrounds!

I uploaded my last pic the past month. Sorry for don't have new materials for show you, but I'm working on that.

I've been working in commissions! I did 3 artworks, and now I'm working in a watercolor commission and... and my first hentai commission 7u7, I've didn't upload anything yet because I want compile them in one image.

Also I've been working in patreon exclusive content, so I created 2 variants of a image for there. I will upload the third version here when it's ready :)

Good Luck! \o/

Patreons of Internet Friends

2016-11-12 22:36:05 by SergeiBSG

Hello. I want share with you some Patreons of my Internet Friends  :) Hope you like them.

Team Sketch Project:

\o/ Regards! \o/

Commissions soon?

2016-10-31 03:35:13 by SergeiBSG

Originally I wanted start drawing requests in January trimester, but for economic issues I'm thinking in open commissions soon. Maybe 3 slots. Stay tuned.

I've created a fanpage in FB focus in my commissions and future tutorials and sellings:


Changes in my Patron!

2016-10-29 05:03:27 by SergeiBSG

Hello! :)

Now that I will go to do the storyboards of my stories in comic format (for Tapastic and Gumroad, but the erotic ones only for Gumroad). I added the option for +$5 Patrons of one time per month, they can choose one item of my store in Gumroad and I will send it to them it via PM

----> <--------


(Mmmm, I need do a new banner xD)


Bye Bye!


New YT video

2016-10-06 13:12:19 by SergeiBSG

The Vlog part is in Spanish, but the speedpaint is universal ;) 

It would be awesome if you can give Like and Share It.


It's alive! It's alive!

2016-10-05 21:17:15 by SergeiBSG

People!! My good brother purchased a new Hard Drive Disk for my Notebook. I have a computer again ^^

Some good news

2016-10-04 10:52:30 by SergeiBSG

Some good news. The Hard Drive was the problem, my brother connected it to his computer and we saved the uncorrupted files, I lost many GBs, but survived more good files than bad files. Anyways I had terrible losses, for example my underboob picture with the velociraptor and the girl, I lost all the originals, the 5 medibang files, only the final png in full resolution survived. Also, in the folder with my shortfilms, I lost 10gbs.

But I saved my folders with sexy girls photos \o/ \o/ \o/

Now, I only need a new Hard Drive disk for notebooks and maybe a good keyboard and it must run well, unless that it still having its horrible ventilation that put it very hot. But I think that is the best option, because on the notebook that I wanted purchase, I saw a site with notebooks marks and It isn't very good, so if I can save the mine one with a new Hard Drive, I prefer save it.

Also, I just read an e-mail with a Picarto contest, it's about halloween and sounds fun, I will try participate on it.

Thanks for read.

My computer is dying

2016-10-03 16:14:48 by SergeiBSG

Hello Newgrounds, I have sad news from me. During the last 3 days my computer has been dying, this morning I couldn't turn it on. My dream was leave the drawings and do animations this trimester, but now I can't. I can't use my Mom's notebook for video edition because is very old and Blender (my video editor) don't run on it. And at this moment, I didn't do a back-up of my movie projects, my next videos, scripts, painting projects and many of my creative stuff, also part of the digital painting classes that I purchased still there. So, I'm like alone. I only have my tablet, so the only thing that I can do for now is drawing. I think that I will open commission with the hope of earn money for have my own external Hard Drive Disks and a new and good computer. Also I will draw more Furries, because the legend says that Internet loves Furries, and now I only can live from my drawings, I can't do videos or movies u.u

Thanks for read, stay tuned.

Let's go to eat choripan. Now in YT

2016-09-28 17:18:38 by SergeiBSG

Hello Newgrounds!

My last speedpaint is now in Youtube. It would be awesome if you can give it likes and share it ^^

If you want see the original NG version ->